Creative education for all.


Welcome to Pastel and Smudge. We are art educators for children (and sometimes Adults) of all ages. We have established creative and inspiring workshops and classes where your children can experiment, imagine, explore, acquire new skills, gain confidence, make new friends and gain a lifelong passion for art and design.

Our classes are small and welcoming, meaning children can access more support and enjoy the various materials we have to work with.

They will be introduced to many different media and artistic styles including, but not limited to, drawing, painting, mixed media and installation. We believe that art and creativity lie at the heart of great, inspiring education and is fantastic for children’s well-being.

We work with all kinds of learners…
Primary to post 16
Learners with SEN
Home schoolers
And sometimes… even TEACHERS and adults



Pastel & Smudge was founded in 2015 by artist Hayley Hare.

Hayley is a multifaceted artist from the North East (UK), currently living and working in London.  She has been passionately involved in community arts for 10 years, and has developed workshops for Newcastle City Council, Newcastle Science City, Make Art North East as well as delivering regular workshops and outreach with Byker Community Centre.

Since relocating to London she has predominantly worked with students with low incidence SEN and home education groups.

Connecting with charity Uthink Pdp we have given students a platform to produce work, install and promote their own exhibitions. 

Hayley believes that art education is an important, valuable area and is important to society. Education should be fun and exciting, making the learning experience a good one. Developing creative skills and a curious mind within the young is crucial not only to inspire their interest within in the arts but to build skills in play, social engagement and communication. Creative play also helps develop fine motor skills and problem solving abilities.

As a freelance artist Hayley aims to engage groups and individuals of all ages and abilities in the arts. 



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