Leonardo da Vinci suggested heightening the senses to enhance your life experiences.
The aim of these classes is to expand visual vocabulary by encouraging students to make marks and draw while concentrating on individual senses. We will also make and use tools for and practice experimental drawing techniques.
These classes will push you out of the realms of conventional drawing and help make you more in tune with your own body and senses.
These classes are for anyone who wants to try their hand at drawing in a different way, even if you have never done any drawing before.

You will learn how to
• Explore drawing techniques from a different perspective by concentrating on how things Feel, smell, sound and taste.
• Explore drawing techniques with new tools and by adapting traditional tools and your body to change your ability.
• How to use a range of materials to create images
• How to use recycled, reused and natural materials in your artwork.
• How to make experimental drawing tools

Sensory drawing at the green 2016.05 (12).jpg
2016.06.29 fluid marks with flowers (3).JPG
Sensory drawing at the green 2016.05 (12).jpg
Sensory drawing at the green 2016.05 (18).jpg
2016.05.18 symphonic drawing (10).jpg
2016.05.11 a new introduction Hayley Hare (4).jpg
2016.05.04 something new (19).jpg
2016.05.04 something new (22).jpg
2016.04.16 Hand feet annd mouth (15).jpg
2016.2.10 sensory drawing week 2 (19).jpg
2016.02.24 Sensory drawing restricted view (11).jpg
2016.02.24 Sensory drawing restricted view (24).jpg
2016.03.12 Funday at the Green (1).jpg
2016.03.23 selective seeing (19).jpg
2016.04.13 introducing experimental drawing (7).jpg

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